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Associate Degree Nursing Program: Approximate Costs

Certified Background Checks (local & national)

1. National & WA State background
2. National background
3. WA State background



Vaccinations (varies)

$150 plus

TB Testing

$65 plus

Injury and Health Insurance (Policy offered through HC, if student does not have personal policy)

$39-$175 per Quarter

Uniform (2 sets of scrubs + patches)
(per dress code in student handbook)


Shoes (per dress code in student handbook)




Watch with second hand

$5 plus

Pen Light

$4.50 plus

Bandage scissors  

$5 plus

National Student Nursing Association membership (optional)

$35 for 1 year
$40 for 2nd or $70 for 2 years

Nursing texts

$1,200 plus


$55 plus

College fees for 2017-2018